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In the past years companies and authorities have developed on the basis of EU funds but from the statistics it can be seen that very small part of the needs receive funds and it may take years for a development to be realized. Not to mention the very cumbersome administrative work which requires a lot of extra time and energy.

The reduction in the price level of photovoltaic energy investments will enable the company or the city to finance their own PV parks from market sources, without any tender support to independent themselves from the negative effects of the changes in the electricity market.


Solar energy has now become one of the cheapest renewable energy sources. Many countries in Europe solar energy investments are already reimbursed without support. Thus, increasing the security of supply and contributing in the peak demand of the system. Experts agree that in could be the cheapest energy source including nuclear energy in the next couple of years. In the UK which has much less favorable natural conditions compared to our country, by July 2015, solar capacities reached 6.5 GW. This exceeds the capacity of Paks I but also the combined capacity of Paks I and II. In Hungary, capacities hardly reach 100 MW, including the newly installed 15 MW system of the Mátra Power Plant.

In Hungary, the KÁT system helps to generate electricity from renewable sources. This is 32.14 HUF per kilowatt hour. When we check out an average electricity bill of a municipality, we can find out that the institutional tariff what needs to be paid to the DSO is 21 HUF per kilowatt hour without tax. Plus, the traffic related system usage fees and the cash-type fees. These together usually exceed the price level of KÁT support. The technically and financially well-prepared solar energy investments are already returning on a price of 32 HUF. The expected increase in electricity prices will make solar power plants remunerative in the near future, already providing higher returns than bank interest rates.


In the case of renewable energy investments, companies can count on reliability and predictability and also on improving their market position, because consumer preferences have shifted towards sustainability in recent years. Statistics show that products promoted with sustainability have turnover and customer loyalty effect.

We offer a complex package for settlements, with which we provide not only green energy for the region, but also provide permanent employment, thus supporting the sustainability of the settlement.


Our experts make a customized offer for you, consisting of the following main steps:

  1. Energy audit - all our investments begin with free energy audit, where we measure the infrastructure and the actual consumption habits of the customer to adjust our specific offer
  2. Planning - detailed technical and financial plans will be prepared after the energy audit
  3. Financing - Financing is tailored to your needs. We can also ensure that you can achieve your goals without own contribution
  4. Implementation - We undertake the full implementation and guarantee our investments. Indeed, it is our interest that the investments produce green energy on the most effective way.

Solar energy is the cheapest renewable energy source

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