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History of our company

Pannon Green Power Ltd. was founded in 2015 by 3 Hungarian individuals with extensive experience in the energy and construction industry. Considering the Central and Eastern European energy market and especially the Hungarian energy market, they believed that besides old companies with mainly fossil portfolios, there was a need for a smaller medium-sized company focused on developing, constructing and operating solar power plants.

The company’s owners have previously led renewable energy companies, participated in the creation of the National Energy Strategy, and have been members of international organizations that are at the forefront of promoting innovation in connection with sustainable development.

We consider important to install solar parks that generate positive returns for everyone involved in the development and investment, be it a company, a municipality or a financial investor – as this is the basis of any sustainable business model.

“We managed to make use of an area that is not very valuable in agriculture. But this 40-year lease and maintenance contract that we have made will pay off for everyone in the long run.”

Attila Borda, Mayor of Hugyag

“In this scheme that Pannon Green Power outlined for us, Pusztacsalád did not have to contribute financially to the installation of the power plant. Also, all the permits, the contracts with the electricity supplier, the specialist authorities and the government office, were handled by them.”

Gábor Csapó, Mayor of Pusztacsalád

“Negotiations with Pannon Green Power have been smooth from the start. Also, they are the investors in 100%. We agreed both on the basic idea and the idea of implementation.”

Tamás Pintér, Mayor of Und


Our vision

What we give to our grandchildren is very important to us. We are responsible for them and for the built world and environment that we leave to them. We represent this responsibility in our work in a way that all our Customers and Partners can have the possibility to rely as much as possible on the opportunities offered by renewable energy sources.

An important goal for us is to carry out development projects financed by our own resources in areas with lower investment attractiveness, so that we can effectively contribute to the regional economic development efforts without depriving them of resources. We attach high priority to the involvement of local entrepreneurs in the implementation process. It is also important for us to keep the business tax revenues in place, thus helping the development of the area.

In our company, a key part of each and every employee’s value system is the preservation of environmental values and the development of future generations’ environmental awareness. This also defines the identity of our company. As a company in the energy market, it is important for us to act as a responsible company and to support the environment around us.

That’s why we decided to seize every opportunity and support the local community with work opportunities, both in construction and operation. The employment of local workforce also reduces the ecological footprint of the operation.

Social responsibilty


Our team

László Zentkó

Managing Director

Edina Budai

Project Manager

István Pócs

Director of Business Development

Rudolf Kerekes

Technical Project Manager

Felicián Gergely

Chief Operating Officer

Anett Illés

Marketing Manager


83, Hűvösvölgyi Street, Budapest 1021

Mailing address: P.O.B. 193/1, Budapest 1525

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