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Our field of activity covers a significant part of the national solar power industry.

Main activities:

  • Power plant project development
  • Full operation of own and non-own power plants
  • Energy production for public or private networks
  • Virtual power plant management

We develop 0.5-49.9 MW power plant projects from the very beginning – acquisition of areas and capacities-, through licensed plans, to the ready-to-build state.

We provide national coverage; we manage local network licences and local office policies. Since our foundation, we have developed projects over 150 MW for both public and private networks. Furthermore, we also have our own power plants in operation.

Project Development

Operation and Maintenance

We undertake full or partial operation of the power plants, planned and ad hoc electrical maintenance, or their supervision.

We undertake the mandatory 15-minute next day schedule to MAVIR Zrt. and we take over the entire balancing energy obligation.

The world’s leading real-time monitoring provider, Green Power Monitor, which oversees over 25 GW of capacity from South America to South Asia, is our strategic partner. We offer advanced dashboard service and 0-24 hours system supervision to our clients.

A team of lawyers with extensive experience in the field of energy guarantees up-to-date information and completes the necessary documentation.

Our Company’s ever-expanding production portfolio provides a unique opportunity for companies that want to meet their energy needs from clean sources.

We offer you the possibility to launch direct power generation projects. For large consumers we recommend dedicated production either as a common tool or as a long-term consumer contract.

Contact us to find the best solution for you.

Green Power Production

Virtual power plant

Accurate scheduling is a top challenge for the weather dependent electric power producers. The difference between the schedule and the real production could generate a significant balancing energy cost. The balancing energy bills don’t spare traditional power plants with different technologies nor energy consumers.

Flexible units that can alter the level of their production or consumption can turn this imbalance of random units into their advantage if they join an aggregator listed in the balancing reserve market.

The Pannon Green Power Virtual Power Plant aggregates different flexible power plants and consumers and provides the aggregated flexibility on the balancing market. We attend balancing reserve tenders, offer balancing energy bids and trade energy on power exchange if needed. The trading logic and the control technology is implemented on different IT subsystems working in harmony for the optimal exploitation of the units of the portfolio.

We are among the first in Hungary to implement Tesla Battery Energy Storage Systems for using them in the aFRR market.


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